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About us

With very limited public transportation in Lebanon, our life trend "depends" heavily on cars.

It is said that the car's design, color, interior, sound system, etc. reflects the driver's personality! If this is true, the possibilities are endless. In order to help you do the right choice, we at BIG (Business Information Group) have gathered for you all the necessary elements and information you need to get the car that reflects your image and fits your personality.

In 2001 BIG was established to offer the Lebanese market a guide named AUTOSHOP. It’s the first reference that includes all the information related to cars sector in Lebanon. BIG distributes 10,000 hard copies annually.

The first section of our magazine will introduce you to a wide range of car brands sorted alphabetically with their correspondent local car dealers. Furthermore, a complete list of Motorcycles is also available for the "freedom lovers", keeping in mind that the helmet is not an accessory!

The second section includes a comprehensive listing of spare parts / accessories dealers and agents from all over Lebanon. All the required address details are easily tracked thanks to our available sorting system by main business, brand name, or simply by company's name.

The third section covers main repair centers, garages & spare parts shops listed by region.

Last but not least, a list of all the banks, car loan programs, insurance companies, car rental / leasing agencies & car expositions will help you find the perfect combination to suit all your needs and especially your budget.

Our only wish is that you enjoy going through our magazine and find it useful, user friendly and complete. For those web surfers and upon the request of the majority of our clients, our new website is online since 20th of September 2005 to provide you with an "online" information guide through its friendly searching tools. In addition, this website will allow our clients to promote their products and special offers worldwide through dedicated commercial banners.

At BIG, we believe that success is based on client's satisfaction and service quality. So keep in mind that in order to better serve you, your comments are invaluable and essential. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Please note that all product logos and brand names are registered trademarks for their correspondent companies and are included in this site for advertisement purposes at the sole request of the advertisers. BIG is not held responsible for any inappropriate use of these product logos and brand names.